Do you need a power generator, a matching network or a test instrument?


For 2 weeks or 6 months?


You don't find what you need in the list below? We can help you to find it.

One unit of each system is available unless otherwise stated.

Available Power Generators


- 2MHz 600W Cesar 026 Dressler Power Generator


- 13.56MHz 1kW Cesar 1310 Advanced Energy Power Generator (Qty: 2)


- 13.56MHz 300W Cesar 133 Dressler Power Generator


- 40.68MHz 500W Cesar 405 Advanced Energy Power Generator

Available Matching Networks


- 13.56MHz 1kW Dressler VarioMatch VM1000A Automatic Matching Network


- Various Manual Matching Networks Made by SOLAYL (2MHz, 13.56MHz, 40.68MHz)


- 100-460kHz 1kW SEREN MT1D Manual Step-DOWN Transformer  (Load range: 10 to 50Ω)


- 100-460kHz 1kW SEREN MT1U Manual Step-UP Transformer (Load range: 50 to 600Ω)


- 90-460kHz 2kW Manual Step-UP Transformer Made by SOLAYL (Load range: 50 to 600Ω).

Available Test Instruments


- 1kW 50Ω Dummy Load DC-3GHz & 30dB Attenuator (Weinschel 82-30-34)


- 10kHz-10MHz 80W AILTECH-Eaton 5001 Broadband Power Amplifier


-  2-510MHz 40dB 3W ENI 503 Linear RF Power Amplifier


- HP 8648A 100kHz - 1000MHz Signal Genarator


- TTi TF930 3GHz Counter


- TTi TGP110 10MHz Pulse Generator


- Various high power low pass filters


- Various high power bi-directional couplers